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Outstanding 2018 Wool Sales

The entire Cressbrook adult (3years and older) wool clip averaged $23.1/kg greasy in August 2018.  Cressbrook achieved the top two prices nationally!

September 2015 adult ewe $55/hd

The entire flock of 3 years and older ewes cut an average of 5kg at 16.7 micron for an average price of $11/kg greasy.  Our ewes are run on fertilised native pastures year round.

2008 Hogget Clip Results

  • Top price 22800 c/kg greasy.
  • Clip average 14.4 micron.
  • Entire hogget drop cut an average $80/hd.


2011 Two Tooth Clip Results

  • Top price 2880 c/kg greasy (Sept sale)
  • Clip average 15.7 micron, 46n/kt, 80mm and 3.3kg GFW (10 months growth)


2011 Adult Clip Results

  • Top price 2282 c/kg greasy (Sept sale)
  • Clip average 16.8 micron, 45n/kt, 85mm