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It can be seen from the table of Australian Sheep Breeding Values that Cressbrook Merinos have made significant genetic improvements in Ycfw (-8.1 to +17), moderate gains in Ywt (-2.5 to +2.4) and significantly improving Ywec (-14 to -27), whilst maintaining our outstanding Yfd since 2010.  During this time Cressbrook’s FP+ average index rank (160) has tracked far ahead of the ultra/superfine industry average (133)

These genetic trends are drawn from a drop of 600+ stud progeny each year.  Bear in mind that the 100 strong sale team that is offered each year is drawn from a drop of 300+ ram lambs, hence sale team average ASBV’s are significantly higher.

Each year our sale team is amongst the best in the industry for low YFD and high YCFW – the two most important traits that drive fleece value

ASBV Drop Average Genetic Gain 2010 – 2020

2010 Cressbrook-8-2.3-2.5-1.2-14126
2020 Cressbrook17-2.32.4-1-27160

Source:  MerinoSelect