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Cressbrook 140055 Tops 2016 Drop New England Sire Evaluation

17 industry leading sires were recently evaluated at the New England site.  Cressbrook 140055 was the highest ranking sire for 3 of the 4 selection indices used, including DP+, MP+ and FP+.  He achieved trait leading breeding values for YWT, AWT, HEMD, ASL, YFD, AFD, High Tops and Low Culls.

2017 Glen Innes Wether Trial – Second Shearing

39 teams, 16 bloodlines evaluated.  Cressbrook Merinos represented by 4 teams.  12 month average price data used.

TRIAL AVERAGE3.917.450.160.71

Australian National Field Day Merino Wether Comparison 2012-2015.

Six of the most prominent New England studs have been represented by commercial clients flocks in this trial.  Both Cressbrook blood teams in the trial finished ahead of their New England counterparts on a combined 3 year fleece/carcass value evaluation.

2014 New England Sire Evaluation

Cressbrook  sire 110584 currently ranks 2nd on the FP+ after the first years evaluation, involving 13 industry leading sires in the trial.  He also has the 3rd highest number of progeny classed into the Tops grade and the 2nd lowest number of culls.  Cressbrook 110584 is one of only 3 sires to achieve both high measured and high visual scores in the trial.

2013 New England Sire Evaluation

This trial includes 14 industry leading sires.  Cressbrook 110503 has achieved 2nd heaviest yearling body weights and far superior wec scores to any other sire in the trial.  After the first years evaluation he ranked above the average on all four slection indexes.

Three year cumulative results from Australian National Merino Wether Comparison held at Orange between 2004-2007.

BloodlineNet Profit / HaRank
Cressbrook122.914 out of 38
Ave all teams90.42


Pooled national wether trial data compiled by NSW DPI contains data from 58 wether trials throughout Australia between 1994 to 2004. A total of 71 bloodlines were analysed.

Net Profit / Ha
Cressbrook4.119.249.5424 out of 71
Ave all teams4.2 20.649.713


Productivity and profitability of merino bloodlines from the Criag Wilson Livestock and Australian National Field Day combined wether Trial 2005-2006

Net Profit / Ha
Cressbrook3.617.247.62224 out of 60
Ave all teams4.218.251.3166


Meirnos to Match – Hamilton Victoria 2006

This wether trial comprised 15 wethers from 3 client flocks. A total of 29 bloodlines were analysed and results ranked on the SGA Merino 14% Index

BloodlineCFWFDCVSSBWMerino 14% Index Rank
Cressbrook4.461916.843.843.83rd out of 29
Ave all teams4.9619.618.140.959.9


Holmes & Sackett Wether Trial 2001

BloodlineTotal Fleece Value / hd
over 3 years
Carcass Value / hd @
87c/Kg DWT
Total Value
over 3 years / hd
Ave all teams88.3023.02111.32


Wando Estate

Consisted of three teams of 50 randomly selected wethers

Testimonial DAVID LEVY Wando Estate, Casterton. Victoria

Ability to thrive, low micron and impressive fleece weight are the outstanding features of the Cressbrook sheep, which have been running as part of our wool growing enterprise, over the past two years.

The Wando Estate flock is run in 27 inch rainfall in S.W. Victoria. Average 14.7 DSE/Ha – above average for the district. Spring 1999 failed and led to a difficult summer. Cressbrook wethers did not receive any supplementary feed and managed well under extreme conditions – their doing ability was self evident.

At our May wool sale the New England wool realised our highest price.